Host command – meaning

The Host command in the Linux system is used for DNS (Domain Name System) lookup operations. In simple words, this command is used to find the IP address of a particular domain name. Another case the host command can come in hand is when you want to find out the domain name of a particular IP address. Let’s explain a little bit more about the Host command!

Traceroute command – an overview

Traceroute command is a network diagnostic tool. It is used to track in real-time the pathway taken by a packet on an IP network from source to target, reporting the IP addresses of all the routers it pinged in between. Traceroute command also describes the time taken for each hop the packet makes during its route to the target. Read everything you need to know about the Traceroute command!

The Dig command – explained

The Dig command is a network administration command-line tool for querying the Domain Name System (DNS). The Dig command is helpful for network troubleshooting and for educational purposes. It can operate based on command-line option and flag arguments and in batch mode by reading requests from an operating system file. Find out everything you need to know about the Dig command!